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We believe that everyone has a right to fresh, healthy food.


That's why we've partnered with non-profits around Colorado to drive innovation, create job opportunities, and build a food system that serves everyone.


How do we build an innovative, kind, and inclusive food system?

We're glad you asked.

We deliver healthy food.

We make nutritious food an option for everyone. Our delivery system brings fresh food to neighborhoods that need it, and our cost-offset model breaks down financial barriers. We deliver free meals to students in high-risk, low-income and food-insecure neighborhoods. We bring fresh farm produce to single mothers in need of support. We reduce food waste by donating surplus food to food banks, schools, and local charities.

we focus on:

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Eggs in Bowl


We provide exceptional delivery service that gives everyone access to quality foods and resources at their convenience. Our team ensures deliveries reach every customer, regardless of neighborhood, income, access to technology, or language spoken.


We carefully structure our pricing so that the cost of paid delivery subsidizes our food access partnerships. Keeping the cost of delivery low for our nonprofit partners allows them to focus on growing their impact and feeding more families.


We support our community by providing job opportunities. We prioritize hiring from the communities we serve, including people facing employment barriers. We believe in paying it forward, offering a living wage, and creating stable employment for our community. To apply to drive with us, click here.

By 2030, we aim to support a network of 300,000 households participating in a more sustainable food system.  


Do you work for a nonprofit or food access organization that needs delivery support? Bondadosa is always working to cultivate new partnerships with aligned projects in Colorado. Learn more about partnering with us:

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Food Access Partners

Our nonprofit partnerships make it possible to feed our community. We're immensely grateful to our local nonprofit partners:

Food Access Projects

our recent projects


Denver Metro Emergency Food Network

Denver Metro Emergency Food Network was a nonprofit created as a collaborative response to COVID-19. Seeing our community struggling with unemployment and financial insecurity motivated us to partner with Denver Food Rescue, Focus Points, Friends and Family, and Lost City to create a free meal delivery service. A network of Denver restaurants made half of our distributed meals, keeping chefs in the kitchen and meals on tables.


Bondadosa helped deliver 326,452 no-cost meals to families and individuals impacted by the lockdown. The program continues today in partnership with Denver Public Schools, providing free lunches to DPS students.

The Bondadosa Impact Report 

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