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Make an impact with every delivery.

Get paid to make a difference.

Bondadosa depends on our team of friendly, dependable and driven delivery agents every day. Our delivery agents make it possible to bring local, fresh, and much-needed food to our community. We are constantly growing and expanding to new areas of Colorado that need us.

When you deliver for Bondadosa, you are helping to create better food access for families in need right here in our local community. We are building a kind, innovative, and inclusive food system and hope you'll become a part of it! 

Delivery Van

What You Need




current registration + insurance

Delivery of Boxes

Why drive with Bondadosa?

Choose Your Shifts

We offer flexible scheduling so you can choose the shifts that work best for you and your other commitments.

Hourly Pay And Referral Perks

Cha-ching! We offer $16/hour as a starting wage with room to grow. We also offer referral bonuses!

Help Your Community

Our business is built on delivering for our community. Support food access projects with every delivery you make.

Get Paid For Mileage

We reimburse delivery mileage, so you can go the distance.

No Minimum Vehicle Standards

Your car doesn't need to be a certain year or size- it just needs to be reliable!

Mix It Up

You'll deliver a variety of products- from farm fresh produce to hand-baked pies to school lunches for kids in need.

Growth Opportunities

Bondadosa is always growing! Be the first to hear about job opportunities within the company.

Get Help When You Need It

We have a team ready to offer live driver support when something goes wrong on a delivery route. Se habla Español!

Grow Your Business

We offer workshops, trainings and classes to help you thrive as a contractor.

Unique Driver Perks

In addition to hourly pay, our team gets a special discount on fresh food from select partners!



I have been part of Bondadosa since June 2020. I am passionate about being part of the deliveries. Providing my service to families makes me proud and it is a great satisfaction to be able to serve our community.



  • How do my deliveries support the community?
    We're glad you asked! When you deliver with us, every delivery you make supports better food access in Colorado. Depending on your shifts, you may be delivering student lunches to families in need, food assistance bags to low-income individuals, or farm-fresh produce boxes to mothers. When you deliver premium subscription boxes, the fees from those deliveries are used to offset the cost of delivery for our food access projects. We envision a food system where healthy food is an option for everyone, without the barriers of delivery cost or where someone lives. Our model is built to support that vision with every delivery.
  • What is expected from me as a delivery agent?
    Our delivery agents are the heart of our team. We know that people seek delivery work for different reasons- maybe it's a side-hustle, a summer job, or a flexible way to make money. No matter why you drive, we ask our delivery agents to be communicative, to go the extra mile for our recipients, to remain friendly and professional, to be reliable, and to value showing up for our community. In return, we promise to respect you and support you- wherever your road takes you.
  • How do I start driving with Bondadosa?
    To drive with us, please fill out our website application at the link below- it'll only take a few minutes!
  • What do I need to start driving?
    Becoming a Delivery Agent is easy! You need: 1. A Current Drivers' License 2. A Reliable Car 3. Current Insurance and Registration 4. A Smartphone If you have all of the above, please fill out our short Delivery Agent application to get started.

See how far each delivery goes.
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