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Local. Fresh. Delivered.

Bondadosa is on a mission to create a more sustainable Colorado Food ecosystem


What we do

Delivery as a Service

Bondadosa allows local food producers to connect directly with consumers via a sustainable logistics platform and a fleet of all-electric vehicles. We handle the hassle of delivery, allowing you to focus on growing your business and your impact.

New Food Startups

Bondadosa's incubator program serves as a support network for emerging food and agriculture startups. We work with innovators, small business owners, and entrepreneurs from across Colorado to support and grow the local food ecosystem.

Justice + Community

We believe the future of food lies at the intersection of technology and community. We partner with non-profit organizations around Colorado to drive innovation in creating a food system that serves everyone. We also ensure our company lives up to our values everyday.

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Who we are - reimagining how people access food

Founded in 2017, Bondadosa is a social enterprise that harnesses the power of Colorado's community of producers, growers, and small businesses. We serve as the front line in the fight against food injustice by leveraging technology to do the work! We also support emerging startups focused on agriculture and sustainable transportation. 


As a social enterprise, Bondadosa reinvest the majority of our profits to achieve sustainability and to ensure that our mission to increase access to fresh and healthy groceries is accessible for all communities.

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