Our Team


Ricardo Rocha

Founder and CEO

Ricardo has been involved in every aspect of the food justice space for over four years. During his time as Bondadosa's CEO, he has grown the company from a tricycle-powered grocery delivery service to a state wide distribution network and innovation incubator. When not working in the community, you can find Ricardo enjoying a cup of local coffee at Huckberry Roasters.


Maggie Brown

Director of Operations

Maggie was born and raised in Michigan as the first child of a single mother. She developed great gratitude toward WIC, SNAP, and her grandparents for providing the opportunity for health. Thanks to Florida state scholarships, Maggie completed an A.A. in English and World Literature, then moved to Colorado. Here, she found peace and inspiration, as well as a passion to empower others toward wellness and resilience. Maggie earned her B.S. in Human Nutrition-Dietetics from MSU Denver in 2016 and will return for her M.S. in the same program. You can find Maggie advocating for sustainability and community health, teaching fitness classes, and enjoying the beautiful playground that is Colorado.


Marcos Viayra

Distribution and Fleet Manager

Currently pursuing a degree in Manufacturing Engineering, Marcos has over five years of experience in the logistics and warehousing space. He runs our 5 person delivery team here at Bondadosa in addition to maintaining our fleet of electric and refrigerated vehicles. He is responsible for the storage and distribution of goods, and makes sure that our orders get where they need to be, on time, every time.

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